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Testimonials: Testimonials

Thank you for all of your support you’ve given me. 
You’ve made a huge difference to me and I can't thank you enough. Keep doing what you’re doing you are amazing!! Xx


You are such an amazing role model, you definitely have a special something that makes people want to come back to you week after week. I have never felt as good as o do since starting my sessions with you x


Just wanna say thank you so much Jode, you always make so much effort and things like tonight make a tough year fun and special. 
You really are the best PT I could ask for. 
Not only do I feel so much better physically and feel more body confident but it’s always a laugh and I love coming as much as I can!!!
JBP is gonna shoot to the stars ✨


My journey so far with JBP has been all about learning a complete new way of life, its been amazing to get the guidance I need whilst watching them grow into a successful business & support network for me & the rest of the team! 


4 weeks: -10lbs

"Since I have been with JBP I have more energy and feel better about myself. They're always there to help with dietary advice and they take great care of me. I'm excited to be on this fitness journey with them!"


Testimonials: Testimonials


10 Weeks: 2st lost

"I hate using the word “Journey” because it implies a long time ahead of you - however JBP helped me shift just over 2 stone and I have never felt better! I started my “journey” to fill a void in my life as I needed to have more exercise in my routine - little did I know that having the right guidance and tuition I would be able to feel more like myself than I have in years. 

Jodie not only helped me find the right exercise for my body, she motivated me to always make the right choices with my nutrition. This was a big part for me as old habits die hard. I managed to lose the weight I wanted as well as enjoy a naughty treat weekly which aided me in my journey so much! I felt I didn’t completely cut the things I love most out of my diet and yet managed to stay on track.

 Everyone’s goal is different, but I’m sitting here 2 stone happier & healthier all thanks to JBP. The best PT who will do whatever it takes to make sure her clients achieve their goals and beyond!! 

Thank you JBP for EVERYTHING!"


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