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Jodie Brett Performance is now offering online services to clients in need of expert coaching, from the comfort of their own space. Whether that be your local gym, or your own home.


Online coaching gives you the unique experience of developing under our instruction, without needing to come to our facility. Online coaching has its advantages, with far more structure and guidance than normal personal training. 


We have developed an 8 week online programme that guarantees huge results. See below for more information.




After-8 is our exciting new online service that provides clients with huge transformations and results after just 8 weeks. This service includes:

  • Free consultation to assess and set your SMART goals

  • Structured and personalised workout programmes

  • Tailored nutrition plans based on your calorie intake targets

  • Access to our exclusive app that holds all plans and communications in one place

  • 24/7 access to your expert coach via app

  • Daily & Weekly goal setting

  • Weekly check ins to assess progress and discuss any queries 

  • Expert advice, education and an understanding of not just "what" but "why"

  • Explanations, guidance and support


Why after-8? Well, nobody ever decides to lose weight or tone up just for fun... right? We want people to sign up and be inspired by what comes after the 8 weeks, which is the one reason people choose to sign up in the first place. Your dream body, new mindset and rejuvenated confidence is awaiting you. 


A new and improved you, physically sure, but we want you to feel better than ever. Over the 8 week programme, we will educate you on everything from the benefits of different types of foods & how to properly complete a squat, to key tips on planning, preparation and knowing how to stay disciplined and on track.

If you have ever tried a diet or a fitness programme before, what was the hardest part of it? Starting is one thing, but keeping the weight off and staying in shape beyond the diet? Now that's the real challenge. That's why this programme is so much more than just achieving your dream transformation.



 After 8 weeks with us, you'll have a brand new mindset towards fitness and be more raring to go than you ever have been before. 

You'll love the shape your body is becoming, but you'll love how good you feel even more. After-8 is all about being the start to a sustainable, healthy way of living. This programme is more than just getting in shape, it's an investment in your future

After all, if you feel good, have more energy, more confidence and learn how to be the best you... who knows what you can achieve?!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create a better you.


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If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to get involved simply get in touch by clicking the button below.

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